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Volunteering In Pakistan

Volunteering In Pakistan

During, after or before your vacation/tour/trip, you have an opportunity to be a volunteer. Either you volunteer for spending a day at an orphanage, or teaching English in school, or even picking fruits for an elderly lady from her garden. The possibilities of volunteering to spend a small window with locals are endless. This would enable you to interact with them and develop close bonds. This would also enable you to understand the locals’ life and understand it from their perspective too.

This helps bridge communities together. No matter where you belong, you can always connect with locals on a humane level as all of us, residing anywhere in the world are children of Abraham. It helps to bring people together and instills inter-faith harmony.

Why volunteering in Pakistan?

For the most part in the last two decades, Pakistan was perhaps the most ill-understood country in the world. Propaganda and bad media reports across the globe had practically made it a no-go area. The perception created was a negative one.

By volunteering to collaborate with locals, you get an insight into their lives. Whether you spend a day with a fishing village locals along the coastline or even experience the lives of indigenous mountain folk, you will end up making a friend for life.

Witness and help cook local cuisines in any part of Pakistan. Eating and cooking together brings people from all walks of life closer and a sense of togetherness is achieved.

Ever since Pakistan was declared the best adventure tourism destination of the world for the year 2020, the country is bustling with excitement and that too at the prospect of welcoming people from all over the globe to come and visit this exciting land and also to witness the lives of the smiling local folk who have nothing but warmth and welcoming arms to give.

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