Shimshal Khurdopin Pass & Snow Lake Trek

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Shimshal Khurdopin Pass & Snow Lake Trek

$10260 per person

21 Days Adventure, 15 days strenuous trek, 15 nights camping and 7 nights in hotels. Maximum Elevation 5,800 meters

Khurdopin pass trek is one of the world’s most challenging treks, offers the adventure trekker one of the most rewarding mountain experiences in the world and takes one to the center of the Karakoram Range along the Biafo Glacier and Khurdopin Glacier. Gilgit-Baltistan (formerly known as The Northern Areas Pakistan) is home to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, thriving cities, colorful markets and warm hospitality peoples Gilgit-Baltistan;

The trek starts by following the K2 Base Camp trail and then turns west onto the snow lake Biafo Glacier, the Braldu River, we cross the snout of the Biafo Glacier. Our route then swings north up the valley of the Dumordo River where. The Panmah Glacier and then conditions permitting and explore the head of the Chiring Glacier and climbing up to the west Mustagh pass to gain our first good views of the high Karakoram including K2 itself. Then we head west up the Choktoi passing by one of the most spectacular clusters of mountains in the world – the Latok and Ogre (Baintha Brak) groups.

In 1937, at the end of the historic Shaksgam expedition, Shipton had crossed the Lupke la and walked out down the Braldu glacier and out over the Shimshal pass. In 1987 Dick was busy guiding in Sinkiang. However, it is an expedition style trek, this strenuous trek has covers and area of 41 square kilometers, and the great world explorers have mentioned the area in their accounts while Tillman claimed to witness the presence of a mythical creature. We will then explore the possibility of crossing either the Sim La or another subsidiary taking us into the head of the Nobande Sobande glacier to cross the Skam La and on to Snow Lake at the head of the Biafo glacier. we will be trek across the longest glaciers outside of the polar regions in the vicinity of several 8000m peaks and over 35 peaks over 7000m.

Day 01 to Day 20
OVERVIEW (June to October) Day To Mode Time hrs Height Matters Stay 00 Meet RVT Staff ISB 01 Besham/ Narran AC Van 10/12 1,050 Motel 02 Hunza /Passu AC Van 6/7 2,515 Hotel/Lodge 03 Shimshal village Jeep 7/8 3,300 Camp 1 04 Chagchage Trek 5/6 3,650 Camp 2 05 Pasth Halga Trek 4/5 4,150 Camp 3 06 Chirarin Trek 4/5 4,735 Camp 4 07 Abdul Jushi Camp Rest 5/6 4,700 Camp 5 08 Rajab Camp Trek 5/6 4,150 Camp 6 09 Khurdopin BC Trek 4/5 4,500 Camp 7 10 Khurdopin Top Trek 7/8 5,800 Camp 8 11 Snow Lake Khurdopin Trek 5/6 5, 000 Camp 9 12 Reserved days Trek 6/7 5000 Camp 10 13 Snow Lake BC Trek 4/5 4,660 Camp 11 15 Snow Lake Trek 5/6 4,700 Camp 12 16 Karfoghro Trek 7/8 4000 Camp 13 17 Biantha Trek 7/8 5,151 Camp 14 18 Namla Trek 5/6 3600 Camp 15 19 Skardu Jeep 4/5 2,250 Hotel/lodge 20 Besham/Narran AC Van 12 1,050 Motel 21 Islamabad AC Van 5/6 670

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