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Yak Safari / Camel Safari

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Real travelers are always in search of real-life experiences. While in Pamirs, enjoying a safari on a yak brings you closer to local culture and lifestyle that locals lead in Shimshal, Passu, and Chupesion. Yak, or dong as Shimshal call it, happens to be the largest animal in the cold Frozen Mountain of Karakorum Pakistan.

Immensely shaggy and weighing about a ton it has curved horns whose tips can be as wide apart as 90 cm. and measure 76 cm. over the curves. It can easily be distinguished by its long black, white brown hair, which is tinged with gray at the muzzle. Spending its summers at a height above 6,000 meters, in winter it moves in herds to the lakes, marshes and lower valleys. It is this highly insulated shaggy coat which helps Yak to survive in such extreme cold.

The Joy of Yak Safari in Shimshal
Yak Safari in Northern area is a safari with a difference. It is an experience unique to Shimshal, Passu Chipursan Gilgit Baltistan. Exploring lakes, glacial valleys, gurgling streams, cascades, chiseled snow peaks, meadows, forests on a yak can be a lifetime experience. It offers breathtaking views of high peaks of this rugged land. A Yak Safari is organized on prior booking. All those who wish to experience Yak Safari in Northern Pakistan respect the humble attitude of this majestic animal. Travelers are also requested not to take the extreme hospitality of the yak for his weakness.

The Yak – Born to be Tough
Around 6 feet in height and 1000 kg in weight, the yak has a coat of thick black hair which prevents him against the extremities of the Karakorum, Himalayan, and Hindukush climate. A yak is capable of surviving a temperature of – 45 degrees centigrade. They have also adapted themselves quite well to snowstorms and blizzards. During winters, they live on moss and dried grass. Yaks are generally found at an altitude of around 3,500m. They are also good climbers as well.

Camel Safari
Learn all about packing and trekking with camels, go for a walk with them, and enjoy lunch with them beside the River. Immerse yourself in camel culture and learn about the history, anatomy, personality, keeping, and training of both Dromedary (one-hump) and Bactrian (two-hump) camels. You will get a tour of the farm for an opportunity to get up close and personal with a sloth, armadillo, opossom and much more. This experience is so much more than a farm tour – it is an educational and hands-on experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

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