Shimshal Pass 4735m Trek & Mingliksar Peak 6050m Climbing

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Shimshal Pass 4735m Trek & Mingliksar Peak 6050m Climbing

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Shimshal Pass trek is one of the famous and adventurous treks in Pakistan. After 3 Day trek, you will reach Shimshal Pass/Pamir. The views and rounding are breathtaking. There are two very huge lakes. Climbing a trekking Peak is another taste of adventure. You can see K2 8611m Broad Peak 8047m and many peaks on the Karakoram rane. You can see Yokshin Gardan, Dastgilsar, Passu Peak, Shispar Peak, and many other 7000m peaks.

Day :01 Gilgit to Shimshal Valley
Pick up from Gilgit/Hunza & drive to Shimshal Valley. Lunch & drive to the most adventurous road of Shimshal Valley. Arrive at Shimshal Valley dinner & night stay.  
Day :02 Rest Day & Acclimatization.
Today we will do some short treks around Shimshal to stretch the muscles. Lunch & arranging the luggage Dinner & night stay.
Day :03 Shimshal Valley To Gharsar
Breakfast & today we start our first-day trek toward Shimshal Pass. The starting is straight till lunch. After lunch, the trek is steep but not hard. We will arrive at the camp. The camp has the best view of Yaz Lakes, Yaghil Pasture, Yaghil Peak & Yazghil glacier. Enjoy the rest & teak with this amazing view. Dinner & night stay.
Day:04 Gharsar to Peryansar
Today our day should be tittle long and more adventurous. We will cross some good and amazing treks. After 4 hours of a great trek, we will reach our lunch spot. After lunch, we have the final countdown for the next camp. We will cross the famous 1st & 2nd Darwaza. Arrive at the camp. We will be able to see Mingliksar peak and Chashkin Peak aka Samina Peak. Dinner & night stay.
Day:04 Peryansar to Shujerab The first settlement of Shimshal
Breakfast with the best view. We start our trek toward Shujerab. The trek is uphill and downhill but not very steep. We have a lunch break at Voleyo Dasht. After lunch, we will reach Shujerab. Arrive at the campsite. Rest dinner & night stay.
Day:05 Shujerab to Shimshal Pamir/Pass 4735m
Breakfast & start trekking toward Shimshal Pass. The stating of the trek is steep. After 1 hour trek, we will reach the top. We take some rest in front of Quz Sar peak. Start trekking after 1 more hr we will reach our campsite at Shimshal Pass. Lunch with the best view of Shimshal Pamir. Rest & walk around the lakes. Dinner & night stay.
Day:06 Rest Day & Minglik High Camp
Breakfast & will take rest till lunch. After lunch, we will start our trekking to Minglik Peak high camp 5400m. Arrive at the camp dinner & night stay. We will wakeup at 2:00 am in the night breakfast & Start climbing/
Day:07 Summit & Base Camp
Continue ou climbing journey toward Minglik Sar. Summit the peak and trek back to base camp. Lunch & rest summit celebrations. Dinner & night stay.
Day:08 Shimshal Pass to Peryansar Camp
Breakfast & trek back to Peryansar camp. Lunch will be served on the way. Arrive at Peryansar rest dinner & night stay.
Day:09 Peryansar to Gharsar
Breakfast & trek back to Gharsar. Lunch at Pastfurzin. Start trek toward Gharsar. Arrive at Gharsar camp. Today we got the mobile signals. We will connect with our near ones. Dinner & night stay.
Day:10 Gharsar to Shimshal Valley/Hunza
Breakfast & trek down to Shimshal Valley. Arrive at Shimshal Valley for lunch. After lunch we have two options we will stay at Shimshal valley or we will drive to Hunza valley.

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